What Went Amiss? An Evaluation of SAFOD


Ms. Mqikela, while presenting on what went amiss, an evaluation of SAFOD noted that whereas the disability movement had done great work in promoting the rights of Persons with disabilities, the lack of proper leadership, governance issues, inadequate partnership, and resources, as well as lack of ownership of initiatives by DPOs and Persons with disabilities was affecting efforts in realizing inclusive development.

She said the majority of SAFOD’s affiliates, however, recognized the significance of SAFOD in supporting them in programming and capacity building. As such, participants recommended that the federation be revived.

There was a moment of nostalgia as participants recalled the good work SAFOD had done in shaping the lives of Persons with disabilities in the region as many shared their own experiences in participating in most of the programs implemented by the organization.

For purpose of continuity, participants resolved that SAFOD resumes supporting DPOs to promote their work while building their capacity.



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